Saturday, October 3, 2009

Facebook | Miscreant Art Community

Facebook Miscreant Art Community: "Group"

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  1. I don't know if there are ghost or not, when a friend of my brothers got killed in a car tree accident, every time you said his name the light in the house went off and then back on. It was very weird. When I first bought a house in mn I was told a lady died in a trailer before the house was built and when we moved in the first day I felt like someone was watching me and the hair was standing up on the back of my neck, I put central gas heat in the house and then the house didn't feel creepy anymore.

    When my dad died, the dog came and woke me up and then the phone range and I found out my dad was dead.

    Every Holiday I feel like my mother in law is with us in spirit, I can't see her or anything like that it is just a feeling.

    When I went to my sisters I felt like my mom was hanging with her. So do people go right to heaven right away. I don't know, maybe they are afraid to go alone or maybe they stay a while and watch their kids.

    When my mother in law was dying I prayed that she would not die on my birthday I may even have ask her out loud not to die on my birthday. I laid down on the couch at her house there was a nurse from hospise there in the room with my mother in law. While I was resting on the couch I had a dream that my mother in law had a chance to go to heaven right then by riding on a buckboard wagon like on little house on the praire and go up the hill to the church past a white picket fence. She shook her head no, not yet. so I knew she wasn't going to die that day and she didn't the next day while we were over at her house again I laid on the couch and again had a dream. This time she was waving goodby to me as she was standing by a grayhound bus. Smileing and wearing tan shorts and a tan blouse and a tan hat that was either a fishing type cap or gillan Island type hat. She was saying Goodby and she was happy, and she died that day. I woke up from the dream and knew it was going to happen. But we just waited. She was sweet enough not to die on my birthday and wait till the day after and god allowed that.
    But I feel her with me alot. She watch's out for us. angels mom